2000 Lemond Zurich 2000 Lemond Zurich 2000 Lemond Zurich 2000 Lemond Zurich 2000 Lemond Zurich 2000 Lemond Zurich

This is a steel 2000 Lemond Zurich in size 55 (I think) which should fit someone on the taller size (5’9”-6’). The geometry is very aggressive with a long top tube resulting in a stack/reach of 1.42. It is a project bike that I have owned about 1 year and looking to pass on.
It has a Shimano Ultegra 6500 series drive train with st-6510 shifters which is in pretty good shape. The break pads were recently replaced. The tires were recently replaced with Continental GP 5000 25mm. A saddle is not included. The wheels probably need to be replaced as the brakes were bare when I replaced them. The quill stem was replaced before I got it to reduce the aggressiveness of the geometry. It was recently greased.
The fork is made of steel and carbon fiber. There are a couple of wear spots on the fork: one in the carbon fiber section and one in the metal section. There is no sound difference when tapping throughout the carbon fiber section. I would have preferred to replace it for safety sake but haven’t had time to find one. I haven’t seen any performance issues with it but don’t trust its durability.

Bike is sold as is.
Local pickup only (Silver Spring, MD)
Asking price is $300

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