How to buy

As a buyer you’re in a great position to secure yourself a sweet new product. There are deals to be had and there are steps you can take to land yourself a good one!

Positive and regular communication will go a long way toward establishing rapport with sellers. Being clear about your requirements and budget will help to prevent wasting anyone’s time while putting you in a good position to negotiate on a purchase.

Reviewing Listings

Sellers will put some effort into their listings so make sure you review them carefully. Check all the details and spend some time reviewing the available photos.

Communicating with sellers

Once you identify a listing of interest you can reach out to the seller.

Verified Sellers

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Asking Queries

There’s a good chance you’ll want to clarify some details around the listing. Your first interaction with the seller will set the tone for the rest of the transaction. Starting on the right foot will lead to potential benefits down the track should you negotiate a sale. 

Please consider:

  • Introducing yourself to the seller
  • Be polite
  • List your queries clearly and concisely

In addition to the item’s specifics this is also the time to make any queries about the advertised: 

  • Delivery options and associated costs
  • Acceptable payment methods

Keep in mind that your conversation may not lead to a successful sale at this point, but may still be a future opportunity. It’s best to leave a good impression. 

Negotiating a Sale

All going well you may decide that the product is good for you and you’re ready to make an offer. When negotiating a price for an item please remember:

  • Some items may have a non-negotiable price and this should be respected
  • An offer should genuinely reflect your opinion of the value of the item
  • Low offers in an attempt to “score a deal” will rarely keep you on good terms with the seller

Be prepared for your offer to be rejected. There’s nothing personal in this situation, the seller just has a different understanding of what they believe the item is worth. It can be useful to have a counter-offer prepared. 

Alternatively, be patient. If the seller has valued their item too high then you’ll be the first to know once a price-drop occurs.

Further tips

Ultimately you will get the best deal through open and friendly communication with sellers. If you express genuine interest in the product and ask reasonable questions you will put yourself in the best position for price negotiations and ultimately, a sale.

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